Billy Perkins: Yelloweye Rockfish

Billy has been commercial fishing the Alaskan waters for almost 30 years.

We’ve had the honor of fishing next to Billy for the last three years during our trolling season. He is truly a genuine soul with a jovial laugh that is contagious. If you need a hand, no matter the task Billy is willing to help.

His Rockfish was caught by hook and line in the waters near the beautiful Cape Edgecombe.


Elizabeth Baker: Coho Salmon, Canary & Copper Rockfish

Elizabeths fish were caught in SE Alaska by hook and line.

One of our favorite women to call upon when undertaking a challenging outdoor adventure. We have traveled the countryside of Italy together, ran ground crew for a kayak island circumnavigation, summited Mauna Loa and Hualalai and kayaked the NePali coast from South to North. If you need a rock on your team, carried up a mountain or a delicious meal cooked this is the one you can lean on.

Recently Elizabeth has taken on some truly tough trails, The Te Araroa in New Zealand, Crows Pass in AK (in a single day), The Three High Pases, Everest and Annapurna base camps in NePal. This winter she will be tackling the O Circuit Torres del Paine in Chile

She’s spent part of her working hours this summer leading kids on week long trips through the back country of Alaska. Her play time is spent hiking throughout the Kenai Peninsula with her dogs Cujo and Casper, surfing the AK bore tide and exploring the culinary world of Anchorage.


Paul Blandford: Hebi, Aku, Mahi & Barracuda

Paul’s fish were caught off the Kona coast by hook and line aboard his boat ‘Making Memories'.

Paul and his family relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2017. They jumped right into learning the Hawaiian culture and also purchased a boat to learn the Kona waters. When asked why he named his boat ‘making memories’ he replied, “At the end of the day, it’s not what we have or what material’s we’ve gained, it’s all about the memories we have made throughout our life”.

When not fishing you can find Paul paddling for the outrigger canoe club Kai Ehitu and enjoying time with his friends and family. He is a former pro baseball player and served on the police force.


Tom Perkins: Coho Salmon & Vermilion Rockfish

Captain Tom has been fishing commercially in SE Alaska for 28 years. He loves his family farm, horses, garden and Coors Light. Tom is an avid birder, loves Sci-fi movies and is a very kind, patient teacher. He never limits the crew on what sort of food they can buy when provisioning which is a rarity in the fishing world.

Tom’s fish were caught on his annual ‘fishing’ but not ‘commercial fishing’ trip during the 2018 preseason in Southeast Alaska.


Krystal Sentz: Coho, King, Chum, Humpy Salmon & Copper Rockfish

Krystal’s Salmon and Rockfish were caught in the waters of SE Alaska.

She commercial fishes aboard the F/V Eileen J. When not power trolling, her and cousin Su take out the skiff to go… guessed it…

Krystal is a craft beer lover, jewelry designer and music fanatic. She loves to dance, cook and live a life that’s primarily outside. Friends and family play a vital roll in her enjoying life. On a regular basis she will be gathering people at the beach for a day, a camp trip, random exploratory mission or just over for dinner and drinks. She is also the co-founder of SSD.

Jenny (her partner) and Krystal plan to purchase a sailboat by 2020 and begin their lives as cruisers. Hopefully, catching fish along the way for a Salty Sisters Design line. You can follow their adventures on YouTube, Insta & FB @chapstickchronicles.


Sandi Shriver: Yellowtail, Tripletail, Mahi, Sheepshead & Red Snapper

Sandi contributed our first Atlantic Ocean fish. They were caught off the Florida coast by hook and line.

Sandi splits her time between beautiful Hawaii and sunny Florida. She loves fishing, hiking, golfing, surfing, SUPing, and all things in the sun. If it is cloudy out, you may also find her researching new brews in a craft beer laboratory, or near the stove tinkering with her Kitchenaid mixer for her next culinary creation.

Sandi learned to fish from her brother, Jay, who taught her to only keep what they can eat for the week. “It takes a lot of restraint not to throw every keeper into the ice box, but we know that with each release, we will all have more for next time.”


Josh Lambus: Kahala & Uku

Josh’s contribution was made by spear fishing off the Kona coast in Hawaii.

He is an award winning photographer and videographer based on The Big Island of Hawaii. His photographs have been published in many calendars and magazines, including National Geographic, Diver Magazine, Unterwasser, and Scuba Diving Magazine.

You can check out Josh’s work on his website, here, or follow his passion project that aims to inspire people to get outside and explore on Insta: @themakaproject or FB: @themakaproject


Patrick Wiabel: Black Cod, Mahi, Halibut & Brown Rockfish

Patrick’s AK fish were caught by hook and line in the waterways of Ketchikan, Alaska. His Mahi was caught by hook and line while visiting us on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Patrick is on his 11th year of hosting the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan, AK. This last summer he set out on a 5 month journey that took him to Iguazu Falls, Purmamarca, Bolivia, Chile and a host of many other beautiful places. He’s also been learning devil sticks and staff as a form of meditation. You can often find him moonlighting on the stage of a local play or occasionally working on his radio voice.

Check out Patrick’s passion project that leads people into the beautiful outdoors on a scavenger hunt to find ‘The Mudman’.