Adam Snodgrass: Aweoweo & Barracuda

Adam’s fish were caught off the Kona Coast of Hawaii. The Barracuda was hook and line and the aweoweo spearfished.

Adam was born and raised in Hawaii. He loves fishing and spending time with his lady, dogs and friends. He’d do anything for one of his people, is a fabulous chef and loves youtube university. Adam also contributed Aweoweo a month ago. He took great care to get us these bright red fish. He was also generous enough to share the meat for our visiting family to enjoy for dinner.


Craig Cosby: Yelloweye Rockfish

Craig’s Yelloweye Rockfish was caught by hook and line in the waters near Ketchikan while on a fishing trip with previous contributor Patrick.

Craig is one of our favorite kind hearted humans that we had the pleasure of interacting with during our summers in Ketchikan. He is a hustler, a creator, a fixer and always willing to help a friend in need. A motorcycle man that loves the finer things in life like fabulous cuisine and craft cocktails.

@reedemingtime on Instagram is his project that focuses on ‘redeeming the beauty of antique watches for a second chance at captivating designs.’


Susan Tate: King & Coho Salmon, Halibut

Susans fish were caught on her off time from the boat by hook and line in Southeast Alaska.

Susan is a master of certifications. Dive master, permaculture, yoga teacher, commercial fisherwomen, candle maker, event coordinator, and book keeper are just a few of the many titles she holds. Susan just purchased a homestead in Oklahoma where she’s excited to start her farm, keeping bees and working the land .

Cousin Susan is a contributor of Salty Sisters in more ways than one. She gets her hands dirty cleaning the fish we process, manages our finances and helps create the jewelry.


Tony Joyce: Ono

Tony’s contribution was caught while trolling (hook and line) off the Hokulani, a trimaran sailboat, on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Captain Tony is an Arkansas boy that relocated to The Big Island in 1993 for a dive master job and never left. Tony is a motocross fanatic in his off time, loves camping and adventuring with his daughters and wife.

He owns a charter company in Kawaihae that takes people on whale watching, snorkeling, and fishing trips. Check out Kawaihae Offshore Adventures if you’re ever on the island!


Eddie McClure: Ono, Kahala

Eddie’s Ono contribution was caught hook and line aboard the Hokulani. His Kahala was the first score while learning to spearfish. Both were caught off the West coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Eddie McClure and his family traded in the wheat fields of Oklahoma for the oceans of Hawaii. Eddie has been a practicing flight medic for the last eight years and is now a deckhand aboard the Hokulani.

His family has been enjoying the time in Hawaii by learning to surf with their little man Nolan, getting out on the water as much as possible and having plenty of Oklahomies come to visit.