Made of the sea.

Sustainable Fashion made with love.


First, we catch fish. 
Or our friends do too. 

The fish skin is then cut, cured, and designed.
Finally, we do what we’ve always done, make jewelry.

Your unique piece comes on a card stock with the species and contributor listed so you know where your fish was caught and how.


Experimentation with salmon leather began during the summer of 2017. In 2018 the first round of jewelry was produced. Using the skins caught on a commercial salmon troller (hook and line), a by-product that typically goes to waste, was now being used to make something beautiful. Further experimentation began upon returning to Hawaii and discovering that just about any fish could be processed in the same way. Back on the homestead, retired dad and cousin, Su, keep the skins from lake fishing and the element of home was added.

The skins are processed with an environmentally safe vegetable tanning process. Each piece is original, handmade, and odorless. No two pieces are ever alike.

No fish is caught for the sole purpose of making fish leather.


During the months of June and July we are donating 5% of online sales to Haereticus Environmental Laboratory. We strongly support all efforts towards reef conservation. It is the core of our Ocean’s wellness. This was a no brainer as June 1st is National Reef Day. You can read more about the organization here.

Haereticus Environmental Laboratory (HEL) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to increasing the scientific, social and economic knowledge of natural environmental habitats in order to better conserve and restore threatened environmental habitats and resources.


Our product backing is made of untreated Mango and Monkeypod woods. We discovered camping they work great as fire starters. We collect our scraps to share with friends. If you make a request with your purchase we will add a package to your order.